Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas to Escape Cold

What Guests Should Wear To Winter Weddings

Weddings are lavish celebrations in India spanning 3 to 4 days. It is also the time when you want to feel cuddled up in your warm jeans and jackets. But these casual wear and sweaters won͎t cut it on special occasions. 

Attending your friend’s or relative’s wedding is a matter of great joy. And it would not be fair to miss the special moments of your friends because it is cold outside. So let's have a look at some awesome wedding outfit ideas for winter weddings in India. 

Getting Decked Up for Weddings in Winter Months

To escape the cold, pick your outfit carefully. As you receive the invitation, there are some important things to consider. You need not look awkward in jackets and sweaters at the wedding. Here are some awesome ways you can look gorgeous even in the colder months. 

  1. Lehenga - Choli

This ethnic Indian wear looks very pretty on middle-aged women as well as teenage girls. It is mostly crafted in bright colours and features heavy embroidery and embellishments. If it’s too cold, use blouses with full sleeves. Also, opt for blouses that cover your back and belly completely to keep you warm. Use lehengas with heavy embroidery, double dupatta or high-neck and closed-neck blouses. Get a full-sleeved jacket tailored from the same material. This will let you remove your jacket when you want to dance or do not feel cold. 

  1. Anarkali Dress

Anarkali dresses are extremely popular while attending weddings. And they are excellent for winter weddings. These stylish and comfortable ethnic wear are available in high varieties, designs, colours, and styles. From simple to studded ones, you will have endless options. If it’s too cold, you can make use of heavy and broad embroidered dupattas. The best thing is that you can drape fancy matching sweaters with Anarkali dresses without looking awkward. 

  1. Saree

The best way to wear a saree in winters is to use a matching shawl. Saree is undoubtedly the most popular womens wear draped in different styles. When it comes to traditional wear, saree is the first outfit that comes to mind. When you do not have time to buy a new dress, pick a classic saree from your wardrobe. And you can elevate your look with right matching accessories. A fancy shawl with a saree will help you look stunning while attending winter weddings. 

  1. Formal Long Gowns

Full length gowns are great winter wear for occasions. They are also very comfortable and trendy. For winter month weddings, use lavish full-sleeved gowns with heavy embroidery or embellishments. Especially if you want to skip traditional outfits, these long gowns are the best. They look elegant, graceful, and classy. Adding delicate accessories can make you look awesome. 

  1. Sharara Suit

Sharara suit is an excellent and very pretty outfit for winter weddings. For more comfort in the cold, pick sharara kurta with long sleeves. The dupatta of the sharara will help you feel more cozy on cold nights. Though basically a traditional Muslim dress introduced in Mugal era, it is a popular traditional costume in India today. The long flowy skirt, short kurta, and dupatta together creates an incredible combination of poise and beauty. 

  1. Kurti with Pants / Plazo

You must have definitely heard about or seen heavy designer kurtis. And we bet they are the most comfortable to wear throughout the year. But for colder months, you can choose full sleeved kurtis made using warm and thick fabrics. Since this outfit is more on a casual side, make sure to choose fancy kurti with fantastic embroidery or sequins or mirror work. Pair them with equally elegant and stylish pants or plazo. Rather than using simple sleeves, pick kurtis with modern sleeve styles. 

Things To Consider While Buying Outfits For Occasions in Winter

Colder months allow you to wear more stylish and embellished outfits. You will feel warm and comfortable even in heavy fabrics. Here are the key points to consider while buying winter wedding attire.

  1. Fabric

Fabric is important while choosing any outfit. Because it is about your comfort that may vary with different seasons. For winter weddings, you are free to choose materials like wool blends, velvet, satin, and silk. At the same time, you can also choose chiffon material. Make sure that the fabric gives you a rich look and fantastic feel.

  1. Comfort and Warmth

The outfit should be providing a right mix of comfort, elegance, and warmth. Since it is for colder months, the warmth factor plays a key role. Especially if you are someone who cannot bear the cold. Choose a style and pattern that is sure to make you feel warm. Avoid sleeveless. If you are picking sleeveless, get a jacket with brocade embroidery. While you feel warm, also make sure the fabric texture, and patterns are befitting the occasion. 

  1. Consider Dupatta and Shawl

If you are wearing a choli with ghagra or lehenga, you can pick thick and warm dupatta. It will not only help you look complete but also protects you from the chill. If you have planned to drape a saree, also pick a shawl that compliments your saree. A fancy shawl with embroidery work can help you stay warm without feeling uncomfortable.

Weddings are the best times to shine in the traditional attire. And India’s diversity is equally high and rich when it comes to outfits. They differ from region to region while there is a certain uniformity as well. If the wedding is purely traditional, you can always go for the state specific ethnic wear. Looking great at a wedding is important. It is not just about your get up but also about sartorial etiquettes. Wearing a befitting and beautiful kind of outfit is also one of the best ways to play a good guest.