How To Glam Up On Different Occasions With Right Outfit

Exploring Occasion Wear For A Showstopper Look

When you are attending a wedding or a party, you are expected to wear outfits for special occasions. They are traditional, glitzier, and absolutely gorgeous. Wearing the right clothes befitting the event is not just about style but also shows off your sartorial etiquette. Your host may find it rude if you are not dressed as per the event. 

If you have an invitation, you need to know what to wear for different ceremonies. Because every occasion has its own significance and custom. This post figures out what you should wear for the celebrations. And how you can look like a showstopper without overdoing it. And trust us, this is also a great way to impress and please your guests or hosts.

Traditional Wear For Festivals 

You cannot wear anything for a lavish Diwali party or religious ceremonies like puja or havan. However, in India, it also depends on the state or region and community. But when it comes to a festive look, you need to go traditional with your outfits and accessories. Saree and Salwar Kameez are the most popular traditional wear across India. 

Also, choose auspicious colours like red, orange, green, pink, yellow, and green. Avoid wearing black, grey, sky blue, and similar shades. For large and lavish occasions like weddings, you can also wear a choli suit, lehenga, and Anarkali dress. Regardless of community and region, the saree is a universal traditional wear countrywide. You can wear it for any traditional and festive occasion. 

However, western outfits are popular for birthday parties, New Year parties, and Year ending bashes. Discuss with your friends if they are invited to the same event. This will help you to prepare your attire in a better way. You can have more fun by mixing and matching or coordinating your attire with your friends' attire in different ways. 

Glamming Up for a Lavish Wedding

In India, weddings are fat occasions with multiple lavish ceremonies. They are celebrated with heightened joy and pomp. When you are attending a wedding of a close relative or friend, you need to prep up for many ceremonies. Here is a quick look at some of the ceremonies and how you should dress up for these events.

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement or Sagai is a wonderful pre-wedding occasion. It is the first event where the family and friends of the couple come under one roof. They are fun and despite being a traditional ceremony, it is not as large and lavish as the wedding. Hence, you can dress up in a light but sumptuous Kurti and pants, Salwar Suit, or Plazo or Gown. You can choose different outfits but make sure they are gorgeous enough to help you exhibit a party look. But if you are the girl of the hour or the couple’s bestie or close relative, you can also go for a festive lehenga or choli and even a saree. 

Occasion Wear For Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet is the favorite of all the wedding ceremonies. The colourful evening with a riot of music and dance calls for an equally gorgeous sartorial show-off.  But choose something that also lets you move on the dance floor with ease. The ideal sangeet ceremony wear for an invitee is something flowy, lightweight, comfortable, and bright. For a bride, a bold but lightweight lehenga suits the best for this occasion. If you are the bride's sister or best friend, choose a colour and style that compliments her outfit but not outweighs hers.

Mehendi Occasion Outfits

Mehendi ceremony is a beautiful and calm occasion where the bride enjoys special moments with her friends and relatives. Whether you are a bride or a bride's best friend, you need to wear something very aesthetic. Use bright colours with some light embellishments. The choli or dress should be lightweight and comfortable. Short sleeves and sleeveless are the obvious choices for Mehendi occasions. You can also wear loose harem pants so that you can apply henna on your legs.

Haldi Ceremony Outfits 

Haldi ceremony is a vibrant and bright occasion where all yellow shades have special significance. Many brides and their relatives wear yellow colour traditional attires on this day. Simple salwar kameez or lehenga in light yellow or lemon or mustard or turmeric colour will look beautiful. You can use modern outfits like a long skirt and blouse but with embroidery that gives it a traditional twist.  

Wedding Day Wear 

While attending a wedding, you need to be very particular about what you wear. Since the bride looks ethereal in her starry wedding day wear, guests are also expected to look festive. Wear traditional attires including saree, choli, lehenga, and sharara. Considering the celebratory nature of Indian weddings, choose bright and auspicious colours. Since the brides mostly wear red, guests should avoid wearing red. Also, avoid wearing black and grey. A wedding day is the best time to drape your most lavish outfit. Use traditional yet trendy clothing and accessories as this is the most important day. You can add a touch of modernism by using a crop top instead of a blouse. Depending upon your personal preference, you can either choose traditional Kanjivaram or Banarasi sarees or modern chiffon sarees. 

For any festival and wedding ceremony, accessories also play an important role. No matter how beautiful outfit you wear, an accessory can make or break the complete getup. Hence, make sure you accessorize with the right necklace, bracelets, bangles, earrings, and waistbands. 


The best thing is to prepare your attire and accessories well in advance. The last-minute hassles may end up making you stand out like a sore thumb at the event. Hence, decide well in advance about what you would wear for the event. Whether you are the star of the event or a close friend or a guest, you need some time to decide on an outfit. If you are the best friend of the bride or groom, discuss it with your friends. It would be wonderful to wear coordinating attires.